AVID - Importing a Photo or Still Image

Select a BIN in your AVID Project that you would like to import stills into

Next go to >File>Input>Import Media

Choose the file

VERY IMPORTANT - Choose Options

Choose the Resolution = Apple ProRes 422 or your choice of resolution

Storage drive = your drive name or server or tempstorage (this is the local hard drive of the

computer you are working on in the lab)

Next Choose Options so you can tell AVID how to correctly deal with the Aspect Ratio

of the Still Image.

Choose the following settings

  • Resize image to fit format raster
  • Color Levels Do Not Modify
  • Frame Import Duration set to 60 seconds
  • Ignore Alpha Channel
  • Uncheck "Autodetect Sequentially-Numbered Files"

  • Then click OK on import settings menu to apply the settings

  • Then click open
  • A 60 second clip will import into selected bin for every still that is opened.
Click OK to apply these settings

You will return to this menu and select the files or file you want to import and click OK

The images will turn into Master Clips in your bin.

Edit with them as you would any other Master Clip in AVID

If you shot on 35MM then your files will come into AVID this way.

The files are 4:3 in a 16:9 project.

The way to adjust the files to fill the 16:9 space is to use these two tools.

AVID - Easy Image Resizing also called Pan and Scan Effect

or use this wiki that is a more dificult workflow but will render in a higher quality

AVID - Pan and Scan Effect Using the Pan and Zoom Effect