Pro Tools - How to Record Foley Sound or ADR "Automated" Dialog Replacement in CMB 4.122

There are not any microphones in the room. 

You will need to checkout these items unless you have your own.

You will need Mic Stands and Headphones

It is recommended to use the same microphones your used on set to record your foley and ADR

But if you are not sure what to use. . . .

We recommend the following mics:

Neumann TLM 103 or U87

Audio Technica 4050 or 4033

You will also need a Mic Stand and Mic Clips and Pop Filter -

XLR Cables and Headphones

make sure you check those out too

Click on Computer to Start the system

Then click on Advanced

Then click on Surround Sound

For ProTools audio output choose Mix Station Discreet Audio Output (PROTOOLS)

Projector input choose HDMI Mix Station Program

VERY IMPORTANT when you are recording you need to MUTE

the Crestron System or you will get BAD FEEDBACK

Locate the snake under the platform in front of the Mix Desk

Plug your mic into one of the first 4 inputs of the mic snake.

Log into the mix station computer 

Open the application called Focusrite Control

Then > Click on >File Load Snapshot

Navigate to the Focusrite CMB4.122 Studio C ADR.ff

Go to >tempstorage>templates>

Focusrite CMB4.122 Studio C ADR.ff

Now go back to ProTools Application setup

Open the ADR Template in the "Templates" folder on the "tempstorage" Drive

Open UT_ADR_Template.ptx

Open the ADR Template in the "Templates" folder on the "tempstorage" Drive

Open UT_ADR_Template.ptx

This Message prompt will tell you that your audio is getting routed

differently it is OK to click on NO you don't want a detailed report

When the session opens>

Go to >File>Save As

Choose a place to save your session on your Hard Drive and click OK


On the Track Labeled "ADR_001" Make sure that the input

matches the mic input that you plugged your mic into on the "Snake."

Click on A1 and change it to A1, A2 or A3 or A4 depending where you plugged in on the "Snake"


Click on "Main" and set the output to Main (5.1>A 1-2 Stereo)

Plug Headphones into the headphone splitter. This device is located under the desk to the right in the rack

The headphone jacks 1-4 control the volume for the "Talents" headphones that are plugged into the snake

Plug your headphones into the headphone amp 5-8

under the rack under the console and adjust the "Input Level" 

so you can hear audio in your headphones comfortably once you start testing levels coming into ProTools later in this doc.

VERY IMPORTANT when you are recording you need to MUTE

the Crestron System or you will get BAD FEEDBACK

Import the QuickTime movie to chase in the ProTools project.

YOUR VIDEO NEEDS TO preferably be a 1080 DNxHD QUICKTIME SEE THIS WIKI AVID- Export a AVID DNxHD 23.98 Quicktime

Next Import the video into the project

Choose Import Video

Navigate to the video file that you want to view in the ProTools session

Choose New Track

Import Audio

Click OK

Choose to import at Session Start

Choose to enable the Video Engine

Click Yes here

If you would like to use the audio off the video file choose to save it to the default Audio Drive folder

Click OK the audio will be imported and saved to your project folder >Audio Files

Video Engine will launch and you should be able to see the image on the projector

Next Go to >Options>turn on Low Latency Monitoring

Make sure that Insertion Follows Playback is OFF unchecked

Also>Options>Pre/Post Roll is checked = ON

Next set Levels coming into protools from the mics connected to the Mic Snake.

Open Focusrite Control in the Applications Folder

Next re-load the Focusrite snapshot to make sure the input and output routing is correct

Navigate to the saved snapshot

tempstorage>Templates>Focusrite CMB4122 Studio C ADR.ff 


Click on Device Settings

Choose the Analogue input you are connected to on the SNAKE in our example

we are connected to INPUT 1

Select - Mic Input 

+48 if your mic needs phantom power

then drag the orange circle around the circle to adjust input levels

HINT drag up and down and the input level will increase and decrease

To see input levels have the talent test the volume while you are watching on

the Focusrite input levels and adjust as needed

To record your ADR, Record Arm the ADR_001 track. It should Flash Red when you press the record button

Press the red record button on the "Transport Tool" as well

Place the marker where you wish to record and click Record 

Click and drag to select a portion you want to record

Click Play then play.  Record mode will start and you will be recording whatever the mic picks up.

The track will turn RED and start recording

To consolidate your files when you are finished recording you need to save them on to your hard drive.

Go to >File>Save Copy In

The next menu will come up and choose the "Session Format" allowing you to

choose the current version running

or a previous version of the software.
Make sure that "Copy Audio Files & Movie/Video Files" boxes are checked.

Choose where you want to save the session copy and audio files

Also title the new session file in the "Save As" box