Reporting Texas TV -Locating team logos for Full Screen Scoreboard

How to obtain the team logos that might be needed for the full screen sports scoreboard while doing graphics in the Ross Xpression editor 

Obtaining logos that are needed

Logos that are needed that are not already part of the project template are easy to find.

Wikipedia has transparent logos for download.

Search for the team.

In this example we searched for Alabama.

Make sure you select the University or football program.

Once the page loads, click on the logo on the top right corner the page.

After clicking on the logo you will see a large transparent version of the logo.

Simply drag and drop that logo over to the logo's folder in Finder.

You can also right-click on the logo and click on SAVE IMAGE AS, but will need to change the

file name to .png. The default file type is a .svg file. This file type will not work in Premiere.

It is good practice to clean up the filenames.

Some of the filenames from Wikipedia can look like → 2560px-Alabama_Athletics_logo.svg.png

Omit any extra text in the filename and keep only the school name. → Alabama.png

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