Managing a UT Stache Entry

This will guide you through the steps of managing an entry on UT Stache

Log in to UT Stache

UT Stache requires Two-Factor Authentication

Once you are logged in to Stache locate the entry

you are looking to manage

On the right side of the entry is the group of users

that are members of this entry.

Simply type the person you would like to add into

the text box. UT Stache searches the UT directory

and will begin to populate a list of users.

Click on the user you want to add.

Once you have added the person to the members list

click SAVE to complete adding this user.

To change a members status (if you are an Owner or Write),

just click on the person's name and you can change thier

status or delete the member from the entry.

Now when the new member logs into to Stache they will

see this entry in the list of entries they are a member of.