AVID - How To Up-convert Linked Internet and Phone Footage Proxies

You have setup the offline according to step one of this 

recommended workflow in the wiki to the right

Graduate (881KA) MFA Documentary Double System AVID - Post Production Workflow

Now you are ready to "On-Line" or upconvert the footage to

a higher resolution

If you already deleted your linked files go to the source browser and

bring them back into AVID

Navigate to the linked footage and re-link

Or if they are still linked in the project open the linked bin

Next Hide the AVID Media by taking the 1 folder and moving it out of the MXF folder

Maybe change project probably

Next we need to relink to the higher res footage

Right click the timeline and choose >Relink

Footage re-transcoded to DNxHR HQ

Right Click the timeline and choose Re-Link