Graduate (881KA) MFA Documentary Double System AVID - Post Production Workflow

Camera Files Archive and AVID Project Setup

See this wiki for camera setup Panasonic AG-CX350 Quick Setup

AVID Panasonic AG-CX350 Project setup

DVX200 Quick Setup Guide

AVID Canon C100 Project Setup

Panasonic GH5 - Cinema HD - Camera Quick Start

Blackmagic Pocket 6K Cinema Camera - and AVID Post Production Workflow

RED - KOMODO Quick Start Guide Recommended Workflow

(Beginner Users) Sony FX6 Quick Start Guide Recommended Workflow

AVID - How to Work with Phone Footage Shot Vertically

1. AVID project setup and video link and transcoding workflows follow this wiki

RTF AVID 4K Workflow - How To Link and Transcode for Offline Editing

2. IMPORT THE AUDIO!!!  DON'T LINK AND TRANSCODE AUDIO recorded on the 744T or 702T into AVID projects.  Use the >File>Import commands. 

See worksheet AVID - Importing Audio

3. Subclip each slated take of the video clips and audio clips. Subclip in point is on the slate before clap and out point is at the end of the take.
See Worksheet 

AVID - How to Make a Sub Clip

4. "Autosync" (AVID) to create Synced dailies of audio and video
See worksheet 

Sync Audio in AVID

Or if you want to use waveforms to sync audio see this wiki (this is a similar workflow as Plural Eyes but it works within AVID)

How to sync audio automatically using Waveforms Must have Video Files With Camera Audio

5. Check each synced clip to ensure sync

6. Edit your footage in the timeline until you are absolutely to the point were you are picture locked.

Some helpful AVID tips and tricks

How to work with footage shot on your phone

Photo Pan and Scan how to do high quality Ken Burns effect, also known as "animatics"

Easier way to do Ken Burns effect, also known as "animatics"

AVID - Easy Image Resizing also called Pan and Scan Effect

AVID Timewarp - How to Speed up and Slow down your footage

AVID Importing stills photos or sequential #'ed stills

AVID Playback Frame-rate Playback 59.94 at 23.98 slo motion effect

AVID – Cinema Tools Playback Framerate Conversion. How to playback 59.94 or 60 Frame Per Second Files at 23.98 or Slow Motion

Sound Mixing

Basic Audio Editing

Basic Audio Editing in Avid

How to view audio waveforms on source and record side media in AVID


How to Adjust Audio Levels with Audio Keyframing

AVID - Keyframing Audio Volume in AVID

AVID - Audio Equalization, or EQ 

AVID - EQ Audio Using AVID Audio Suite EQ Plugins

Sound mixing how to add Izotope Plug-Ins to your audio tracks and apply noise reduction

AVID - Audio Plugins Workflow

How to set the AVID Audio Output Tool

AVID - Audio Output Tool

Sound Mixing - Optional - Book a SELF-Funded mix with a professional mixer that you pay the mixer.  Schedule a time with Susanne Kraft to do a sound mix

7. Export an .aaf AND Quicktime file for the mixer to open in ProTools.  
See worksheets How to Export .aaf and Quicktime to ProTools

8. Open the .aaf and QuickTime into a ProTools Project  

Check the sync of the ProTools audio tracks with imported Quicktime and begin sound editing

9. Mix your session with the assigned Post-Production Sound Mixer and they will give you a stereo  mix sound file that will be added into the online session and joined with the video.

Then import the stereo audio back into AVID

AVID – Audio Import Sound Mix LtRt .wav files

Color Correction


Link your footage back to camera originals in AVID and then transcode to DNxHR HQ

AVID – How To Relink to your Original Camera Footage for Online

AVID - Slo Motion Footage How to Relink Footage with Different Playback Framerates

11. Color correct the video clips.  Don't move or do any tweaking on video clips in the online sequence because you could slip sync.

How to Use Color Correction Tools in AVID

12. How to port over your AVID project to Davinci Resolve - Resolve is a much more complicated workflow than color correction in AVID FYI!!

Round Trip AVID project to DaVinci Resolve for Color Correction

13. How to open and setup DaVinci Resolve Color Correction Project Exported From AVID

14. How to round trip the media out of Davinci Resolve to AVID Media Composer

Davinci Resolve Export .aaf to AVID - Color Correction Round Trip opening Color Corrected Files into AVID Workflow

OR SUPER EASY OPTION - How to Export a Self Contained Quicktime out of Davinci Resolve - DO THIS IF YOU DON'T NEED YOUR EDITED CLPS IN AVID

Davinci Resolve - Self Contained QuickTime ProRes Export

15. Import final LtRt into project sequence.  How to Import your Sound Mix into your AVID Project properly.

16. Export Final Quicktime for Screening

see AVID - Final Screening QuickTime Export

17. Backup Media to LTO tape (Optional) - Ask Tech Staff about this.  This is a great option for backing up your projects long term and freeing up hard drives to use for other projects.