Blackmagic Davinci Resolve STUDIO - How to Make a DCP

(note you must have the paid version of the program the free version will not work)

CMB 4.120A and the Grad Hallway CMB 4.112 EXCEPT SUITES A AND B have the studio version of resolve

Step One you need to export a 5.1 2K or 4K file in AVID or Premiere

AVID - How to Make a 2K 5.1 Surround Sound QuickTime Using Your Surround Sound Mix - Use for DCP Screening

Adobe Premiere Pro - How to Make a 2K or 4K - 5.1 QuickTime using your Surround Sound Mix - Use for DCP Screening

Open Davinci Resolve Studio


click on "New Project"

Name the project and click on "Create"

Click on Media Tab

Find the clip with the 5.1 interleaved audio that was exported

Right click it and choose "Add into Media Pool"

Choose to Change the frame rate

Click "Change"

Next - Go to the Edit Tab

If you have a .mxf that AVID exported it is a surround file but we have to tell Davinci that it is 5.1

If your file is not an .mxf then skip the next 4 steps and go to creating a timeline

MXF Only

- Right click the MXF File and choose >Clip Attributes

MXF Only 

Go to the Audio Tab

Choose Format 5.1 and Tracks 1 and choose Add

MXF Only 

Next click on the trashcan to delete tracks 1-6 mono tracks

MXF Only 

When all that is left is the 5.1 track then click on OK

Now that the .mxf file is setup correctly

Everyone follow the rest of the workflow

Right click in the Media Pool area

>Choose >Timeline>CreateNew Timeline

Set the Timeline to be 1 Video Track

1 audio track that is 5.1

Uncheck Empty Timeline

Click on "Create"

Click on the "Gear" Icon to set the correct aspect ratio for the timeline

Choose Master Settings

We have a "flat" DCP 1998 x 1080 so

make the timeline resolution 1998 x 1080

Same as if you had a 2048 x 858 Scope DCP

Click on "Save"

Check Image Scaling

Use this only if someone has given you a file that is not scope or flat

Stretch Frame to all corners or try all the input scaling settings

to make sure you are scaled right

One Note if you need to scale your file in the timeline

Click on the upper left hand window and choose Inspector

Here you can scale the image if you have a flat to scope conversion

In other words if you have a flat DCP playing at a scope venue you can

scale it up and loose a little of the top and bottom .110

Next go to >Fairlight>Bus Format

Choose Format 5.1

NOT 5.1 FILM!!

Click on OK


If you are adding Closed Captions change your timeline to 00:00:00:00

Go to DaVinci Resolve locate the sequence you want to change  in the Bin

Right click it and >Timelines>Starting Timecode

Set TimeCode to 00:00:00:00

Click OK

Go to the Deliver Tab

Choose Custom

Click on the Video Tab

Choose to Export Video

Format DCP

Codec Kakadu JPEG 2000

Type 2K DCI Scope or Flat

Make sure interop is checked

Resolution is usually auto detected but make sure it

matches your Project Master Settings

Click on Advanced Settings > Color Space Tag = Same as Project and set Gamma Tag to 2.2

Back up at the top of the menu 

Click on Filename and title it

Location browse to where you want to save the file

Next set the Composition Settings

Click on Composition Settings

  1. Put the title of your project
  2. Choose the Content kind - SHR for short (most likely) or FTR or TLR
  3. Click on Edit to name the DCP

DCP Name will auto populate as you put in info

All the boxes here are important to make sure you label the

DCP this way.

Film Title - enter that if not already entered

Frame Rate Choose 24

Use Encode aspect ratio is usually correct but double check that it

matched the Master Project Settings

Audio Language En - English or whatever

Subtitle info

Territory = US

Resolution choose 2K 2048 x 1080 

Audio Type 5.1 Surround

choose IOP and None Package type

Click OK

Click the Audio Tab

Codec Linear PCM

Sample Rate Same as Project

Configuration Wild Track Format

Output Track BUS 1 5.1

Click on the Video Tab again

Select the Composition name of the DCP in the top to copy the file name.

Click on "File" tab and change the "Custom Name" to

what you want the DCP Named

paste the same name as the DCP folder name

Subtitle Track if you have subtitles to export check

>Export Subtitle

Fomat - As a separate file

Export As SRT

Click on Add to Render Queue

If you have a STEREO DCP ???

We were getting this for stereo DCP - that is okay click Add Anyway

Choose Render All

Notice the colors get weird looking in the render that is normal.

If you need to add captions to your DCP see this wikiHow to convert SRT to DCP XML