Davinci Resolve - Roundtrip back into Resolve after editing in AVID

Use this when you transcoded all your files in Davinci Resolve but Edited in AVID now need to roundtrip back to Davinci Reslove and relink to camera originals

AVID need to export a QuickTime DNxHR Lb quicktimeAVID- Export a AVID DNxHD 23.98 Quicktime
AVID Exporting workflow

To Bring into Resolve – Launch Resolve Application

Click On New Project

Title the project – click Create

Double click the project to load it

Next Click on the Media tab to load all the media.

Right click on Footage (camera originals) folder or folders and choose

Add Folder and SubFolders into Media Pool

Next Change the Project Frame Rate if prompted so it'll match the 

camera originals

Click on the "Edit" tab at the bottom of the screen on the "navigation" bar

>File>Import Timeline>Import AAF, EDL, XML

Select the .aaf to import

Choose to not Automatically import clips into Media Pool because we want the timeline to link with the media we just added into the Media Pool

These were the errors we got in our test but it's usually a title or something not needed > See this Title It's offline and that is okay.

The Next Steps will Explain how to import the Reference QuickTime into the Resolve Project 

Resolve – Click on Media Tab >

>Go the Media Storage

>navigate to the folder containing the quicktime reference we exported in step 01 and select it

Right Click the QuickTime >Add as Offline Reference Clip

Go to the Edit tab

Go to your Media Pool

Locate the Timeline in your Media Pool

It will have a "timeline" icon in the lower left corner as shown here

Right click on the timeline and 

>Choose Timelines

>Link Offline Reference Clip

>Choose the QuickTime that you exported

Go back to the timeline

On the source side select the

>Offline choice in the Dropdown

Go to the source window in conform view and choose to display the "Offline" by selecting the checkerboard icon. 

This should show the reference "ganged" up with the timeline.

If you click the Up and Down arrows you will navigate the timeline and the reference clip will follow exact picture match. 

Next media manage the Project

Go to >File>Media Management

In the Media Management tool


Note for later we are testing our EGPU and this is where you tell resolve to use it.