Pro Tools - How to License the 30 day trial

First you need to make a free ILok Account!home
Choose to Create a Free Account

Fill in all the account information needed to create your ILok account

Go to your email and there will be an email from ILok to finish setting up your account

In the email click on the link and it'll send you to a web page to sign into your new account you just made

Click Continue here

Sign In To Your Accounnt

Go to this web address to access free trial

Most of you don't have an account

So Create a New Account or if you have an account sign in

You can read the minimum system requirements but you can get by with 8 gigs of RAM and an i5 processor for coursework

Just an FYI!!

Put the info required to create an account

put your ILOK ID that you made in the earlier steps in the lower box circled here

Put in your Ilok ID password and choose Authorize

Answer the questions here and choose 

"Email my download links"

Confirmation that your trial was approved

Check your email

You will also get a separate email that will have the download links to download the Windows or Mac Versions of the software

Choose the one you want to download for your particular Operating System and install the software

When ProTools opens click "Cancel" on the Quick Start Dialog. We do not want to open a session yet.

Need to set up the routing and Playback Engine first.

Go To Setup > Playback Engine

Set to Built in Output or ProTools Aggregate I/O they both may work.  

NOTE:  If you are working on a Windows Operating System you may have to use the

ASIO driver see the link for the wiki on how to download and install that.

Pro Tools - ASIO Driver Install For Windows ProTools Computers PC

To create a new Protools session

Type - Session

Name - (session name)

File Type - .WAV

Bit Depth: - 24 bit

Sample Rate: - 48kHz

I/O last used

Location - set to your hard drive NOT THE DESKTOP!!!!