RTF AVID 4K Workflow - How To Link and Transcode for Offline Editing

Open AVID and create a AVID 4096 x 2160 Color Space - YCbCr 709

Click OK to create the project

Go to >Tools>Source Browser

Navigate to the folder you backed up your Camera Original card data and click on Link

The files should open in the selected Bin or an existing Bin depending on what the

Target Bin was set to

Format should be 4096x2180/23.976 frame rate

Video should be XAVC Intra 4K

Select the clips and choose > Clip>Consolidate/Transcode

Then select where you want to save the consolidated files and choose the “Target Video Resolution”

Make sure that Keep sources frame rate selected

We recommend


Then Choose Transcode

Edit with the master clip not the linked file

Notice the different icon for a linked file