How to convert a .srt to a .stl file that will import in AVID Media Composer as Closed or Open Captions

This workflow is for users that have exported a .srt out of Adobe Premiere Pro using the auto - titler tool

See this wiki on how to properly create captions in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro - How to Auto Transcribe and Caption

Premiere will export a .srt file and this is how you convert it to .stl so AVID will import it correctly

Go to this website
Choose >Subtitle>Open

Browse for your .srt that you want to convert

Select the .srt file and click >Open

your captions will load but 

notice if you have music notes and

parenthesis we have to make sure

those work in the conversion to .stl

Next choose Save/download

Choose EBU STL

Encoding UTF-8 with BOM

Then choose Download

You will get a file that looks like this

Rename the file taking off the extensions

so it only has one .stl extension

Then use this file in AVID Media ComposerAVID - How to Import Captioning Text and Use the Subcap Tool