DMC 2.106 Zoom Setup Using Web Presenter -

This wiki shows how to use the PTZ auditorium center camera without using the ATEM Switcher

Leave the BlackMagic Design ATEM switcher unplugged

Video Patch Panel patch whatever camera you want to

use in zoom to the Blackmagic WebPresenter


Patch Cam2 - DA OUT for the center camera output

patch into the AV Closet Program Recorder

For Audio we are going to use AUX 3 and AUX 4 to route


Press AUX 3

When you press AUX 3 the board will read

SEND to Cam2 L (AUX 3)

Press AUX 4

When you press AUX 4 the board will read

SEND to Cam2 R (AUX 4)


Press AUX 3 and 4

Turn up all 4 mics to route audio to the camera 2 L and R

There is also the audience mic if you would like to use it

Master Fader up as well

Open Zoom and set the preferences



Click on the Video Tab

Choose Web Presenter HD

Click on the Audio Tab

Choose Speaker as Crestron

Choose Web Presenter HD as the Microphone

Side note, if you notice the black magic web presenter flashing a black screen every 5 minutes or so, the fix is to cycle the web presenter