How to convert a .stl to a .srt file that will import in Adobe Premiere or Resolve as Closed or Open Captions

This workflow is for users that have exported a .stl out of AVID Media Composer and need a .srt file

Go to this website
Choose >Subtitle>Open

Browse for your .srt that you want to convert

Select the .stl file and click >Open

your captions will load but 

notice if you have music notes and

parenthesis we have to make sure

those work in the conversion to .stl

Next choose Save/download

Choose Format SubRip

Encoding UTF-8 with BOM

Then choose Download

You will get a file that looks like this

Rename the file taking off the extensions

so it only has one .srt extension

If you are importing into Resolve then Open your project
Go to >File > Import > Subtitle

Drag the subtitle file to the top track in your timeline

In Edit Mode

You will see a subtitle track form and can manipulate