Hold office hours with Microsoft Teams

Note on Microsoft Teams

Before proceeding on this page please ensure that your device meets the hardware requirements and has already installed Microsoft Teams.

Instant meetings are a great and easy way to hold meetings or office hours when you weren't able to schedule in advance.

You can start an instant meeting in Teams to have one on one meetings in a pinch. Instructions are in the link provided and copied below for your convenience:

  1. Go to Calendar on the left side of Teams, then select Meet Now in the upper right corner. 
  2. You'll have a chance to set a few things up before you start your meeting. Give it a title, choose whether you want to use video, and pick your preferred audio source.
  3. When you're ready, hit Join Now. Your meeting is now live and you can invite people to your meeting.
    1. Invite members by typing their name, EID, or office365 email address into the search bar under People in the top right. Select them when they appear in the list and they'll get a call right away.
    2. You can also copy the meeting link and send it to anyone you want to meet with and they can join by selecting it. Just click Copy Join Info to copy the link to your clipboard, and paste the link in a message. 

Learn what you can do during a Microsoft Teams meeting by following this link