How to Connect to a Virtual Machine from a Mac

Step-by-step guide

Instructions for MacOS

  1. First, connect using the UT VPN Service
  2. Open the Remote Access Gateway
  3. Select the UTSOA Remote Classroom Lab
  4. Select the Connect button to chose a workstation from the WMB Lab.
  5. Download the connection file.

  6. To open the connection file, Go to your Downloads folder and right click on the file.
  7. Select Open With, and then Microsoft Remote Desktop
  8. If you do not see the Microsoft Remote Desktop application, click on other and search in the Applications folder.

  9. Enter Austin\EID and then EID password, and select Continue.

  10. Select Yes if you are presented with a Certificate Error.

  11. Read and Accept the University Acceptable use policy.

  12. When you're done with your work and want to send your session, right click Start, select Disconnect or Sign Out or choose the Logout icon on the desktop..

  13. You have successfully signed out.