How to Prepare the Laser Cutter

Step-by-step guide

Arrange your material on the cutting bed

  1. Place your material anywhere on the 48" x 36" laser cutting bed, preferably aligned to the grid of the metal-grate.

Focus the laser cutter on your material

Failure to follow the focus methods will result in damage to the laser cutter.

Manual Focus

  1. In instances where the auto-focusing options are not available or feasible, the option to manually focus the laser is always available. This involves manually moving the laser bed using a focusing tool to set the distance. On the Epilog laser, the focusing tool is attached to the laser carriage with a hinge and magnet. To deploy it, just use your finger to push it to the side:
  2. Next, on the machine, navigate to the "Focus Menu" using the button near the bottom, second from the left
  3. Once here, you can use the joystick to adjust the height of the bed until the focus tool is just touching the material. Fine adjustments can be made using the up and down arrows labeled Nudge.
  4. Stow the tool back against the laser module when finished.

How to use the Manual Focus Rod to focus your materials