Extended Reality Policies

The XR Lab zones are available for reservation via Patron Portal for SOA Students, Staff, and Faculty only. Access to this equipment is by request only. Written permission is required. If you're an instructor looking to reserve the full space for a class or studio, send inquiries to TRIG@utexas.edu

In order to reserve and access the Extended Reality Lab you must first

  • Have attended a class that provides basic XR training from TRIG
  • Have written approval by TRIG@utexas.edu stating that you have completed training and have access to the lab

In addition to the requirements for reserving an Extended Reality Zone, you must also adhere to the following policies

  • You must have a partner to 'spot' you while using the equipment, accessing the room solo will result in revoked privileges
  • Always check-in with the technology desk staff and allow us to unlock the room for you
  • Always check-out with the technology desk staff and allow us to lock the room for you
  • When done, you should ensure that the controllers are plugged in and charging
  • No food or drink is allowed in the room

Does your class need XR Lab training? Send an email to TRIG@utexas.edu.

XR Lab Zones