How to Adjust the Lighting Studio Fixtures

We have new LED panel lights from Neewer. The steps below were written for older fixtures, but the mechanics and features are very similar in the Neewer lights. Please ask the tech desk staff for support if needed. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. The Lighting Studio has two light fixtures. Each can be adjusted for height, focus, color, and intensity.
  2. To adjust the height, pull open the clips on the side and raise and lower the pole. Make sure to hold the top pole so it doesn't drop and break the light.

  3. The light head pivots and can be focused. To pivot the head, loosen the red knobs on both sides of the head. Adjust the head to the desired position and lightly tighten until the head stays in place. Do not over-tightenIt will break the light head.

  4. To focus the light, adjust the metal flaps to your preference.

  5. Adjust the brightness and color of the light using the knobs on the back.

  6. Adjusting the camera tripod is similar. Loosen the clamps to adjust the legs and raise or lower the tripod. You can also raise and lower the camera using the crank arm.

  7. To pivot the tripod head, slide the handle to OPEN and adjust the camera as desired.