Syncing your course (UT only)

The integration between Quest and Canvas is currently only by request and only for University of Texas users. Please contact us at for additional permissions needed for the 'canvas courses' link to be visible to you.

After obtaining a Canvas token, Quest will be taking the next steps to sync your courses–you do not need to take any additional action–this is just so you know what's going on.

In Quest, on the left hand course menu there may be a "Canvas Courses" menu. (No big deal if you don't–again, you don't need to take any steps on this front–Quest will do this for you. If you have any concerns feel free to email .)

Spring 2021 onward, the following will likely become obsolete:

This page should provide a list of courses from your Canvas history. If it does not, please contact us for troubleshooting purposes. Select the appropriate course and click "Update".

To ensure the association took, check back to the "Settings" → "Canvas Courses" page. There should now be a checkmark next to the linked Canvas course. The system will automatically sync the courses as specified here.

IF you are synching after some assignments start date have passed, you will need to give a little extra nudge to encourage the scores from being sent.  For any assignments that fall into this category, push the 'send to canvas' button on the left side bar of the assignment (below).

Future assignments where the start date is in the future will automatically sync with Canvas and the sidebar does not offer this nudge link.

If the name of the Quest Assignment Type where you've created the assignment (under settings) matches the name of the Canvas Assignment Group, the assignment should automatically get filed in the correct spot when it's transferred to Canvas.  There is no need for you to create the specific assignment in Canvas first.