How to Install ideaMaker

This guide will walk you through the process of installing ideaMaker. The ideaMaker application allows you to import your STL model(s) into a .idea file. The .idea files are what you upload for the the Raise3D print submission process.

Step-by-step guide


  1. Download the installer


  2. Launch the ideaMaker installer

    1. Select "Yes" if it asks for administrator privileges

    2. Click "Ok" when it prompts for the preferred language

      1. This will default to English

    3. Click "Next" for the setup

    4. Click "I Agree" for the terms and conditions

    5. Keep the "Destination Folder" set to the default location

    6. Leave "File Association" checked

    7. Click "Install" 

    8. "Installation Complete"

      1. Click "Next"

    9. Check the box for "Run ideaMaker" Version 4.x

      1. Click "Finish"

    10. ideaMaker will launch


Add Printer

  1. Choose a Theme - Dark / Light

    1. Click "OK"

  2. Configuration Wizard

    1. Select Default Printer

      1. Printer Type

        1. RAISE3D Pro3

        2. Click "Next"

    2. Select Filament

      1. Extruder Count

        1. Leave the Extruder Count set to "2"

      2. Leave "Use Heated Bed" checked

        1. Click "Next"

    3. Leave the Left and Right extruders set to [Raise3D] PLA 1.75mm

      1. Click "Finish"

Select Scale

  1. Close pop-ups

  2. Choose "File" and then "Add Standard Primitives"

  3. Choose "Torus" and leave the default Parameters

    1. Click "OK"

  4. Click on the model (brackets around the model indicate it's selected)

  5. Click on "Scale" on the Tools Bar

  6. Pop-up defaults to mm > Check "Inches" box

  7. You may now delete the Torus primitive model

Congratulations! Now you're ready to learn How to Create an Idea File.