MECM - How to Wipe User Accounts or Profiles and How to Wipe Storage Drive :D Data Drive

Open Microsoft Configuration Manager or If you don't have it installed see this wiki
Click on Assets and Compliance

>Device Collections


>Custom Collections

>COMM - CMA 4.148 Gaming Lab or COMM - Teaching Stations Dualboot Mac Mini

Then Click on >Run Script

>Run Script

>The two we are needing to run are

COMM - Format D Volume


COMM - Remove User Profiles

Select one to start

Or if you just want to run the script on one computer 

Right click the computer and choose >Run Script

Click Next

Click Next

Note that there are 21 devices listed and that is the number in the lab

Click on >Next

Should wipe the storage drives after it runs

Next click on >Run Script

Choose COMM - Remove User profiles

Click Next here

Script will run

Click on Run Details to see the status of the script running