Item Checkout Policies

  • Laser Cutting Policies
  • CNC Policies
  • 3D Printing
  • Digital Fabrication Subscription

General Policies

  1. Equipment checkout services are allowed for active/enrolled School of Architecture faculty, staff, and student use only
  2. Maximum limit of 24 hours per reservation
    1. CNC bits have a maximum limit of 6 business hours per reservation
    2. DSLRs have a maximum limit of 12 business hours per reservation
    3. Any exceptions are only valid for that exact reservation. If a patron has received an exception on one reservation, they are ineligible for future exceptions.
  3. Maximum limit of one item per type per reservation/period
    1. Example: one workstation at a time
  4. Reservation extensions (maximum of two 24-hour extensions) are allowed, but not guaranteed. Extensions must be done in person with ALL current reservation items present at the time of renewal.
    1. Those on the Greylist are ineligible for extensions
  5. Reservations will be canceled after 30 minutes past the scheduled pick-up time
  6. All equipment must be returned/renewed at the service desk
  7. Patrons will be penalized per checkout for returning late, missing, lost, or broken equipment, and each violation counts as a separate offense. Penalties are as follows:
    • 1st Offense – Warning
    • 2nd Offense – 2-week suspension
    • 3rd Offense – Semester-long suspension


In addition to the above penalties, late fines will be applied for late items.

  • The late fee is $5.00 per incident plus a late fine of $0.25 per hour per item
    • The hourly fine is calculated and billed automatically by Patron Portal
    • The $5.00 late fee is manually invoiced
  • Late fees and fines apply regardless of illness or family emergency
  • Late fines are calculated on a 24-hour 7-day-a-week basis (including weekends, holidays, or other closed periods)
  • Late fees and fines will apply to each offense
  • Persons with a late period beyond 48 hours may have a financial bar placed on them for the full replacement amount of all reserved equipment and referred to Student Judicial Services

Missing, lost, or broken equipment:

  • A limit of 48 hours will be given to return any missing, lost, or broken equipment. Once the time limit has passed, the full replacement amount for the item(s), including any late fees and fines will be owed
  • No refunds on any payment(s) for missing or lost item(s) – even if they are subsequently found
  • Late fines will be included in addition to any amount owed for any missing, lost, or broken equipment
    • Checkout privileges are temporarily suspended and/or permanently revoked until full compensation for replacement/repair has been made
    • Insurance is not available for checkout equipment. Users are responsible for the FULL amount of repair or equivalent replacement (new, comparable model) of lost, damaged, or stolen items
    • Damage includes concealed or unreported damage discovered after the return

Semester-long suspensions will be valid for the remainder of the current semester until the first class day of the following semester.

Two or more semester-long suspensions can result in a permanent suspension of equipment checkout privileges.


To request cancellation or reduction of a fine, first discuss the charge with an IT Coordinator. If the resolution fails, then make a written appeal. Appeals must be filed within one semester from the end of the semester in which the charges were assessed. Appeal requests must be e-mailed to the Technology Services Coordinator and should include:

  1. Name
  2. EID
  3. The item(s) for which charges are in question (A copy of the reservation confirmation email is acceptable)
  4. The date(s) the transaction(s) occurred (A copy of the reservation confirmation email is acceptable)
  5. The reason for the appeal

Once an appeal is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Technology Services Coordinator. If there is no resolution with the Technology Services Coordinator, the appeal can be submitted for review by the Associate Dean for Research and Technology.

Appeals will not be considered based solely on an inability to pay and/or disagreement with the assessment structure. Address such disagreement to the Technology Services Coordinator.

The decision made by these authorities is final.