How to Reserve Resources

This is a general guide to reserving items on Patron Portal. For more specific reservation types, please visit How to Reserve a Laser Cutter.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click either "Reserve" or "New Reservation" on the Patron Portal Home screen
  2. Enter the beginning and end dates and times
    1. Visit the Item Checkout Policies page for limitations
  3. Check the Agree box
  4. Add items to the Reservation by clicking on Contents
  5. Search the Catalog by selecting the item categories
  6. Click the plus sign to add the item to your Reservation
  7. Once you've added all of the items to your Reservation, click Return to Reservation in the bottom-right
  8. If you accidentally added an item, click the X cart icon
  9. If there are issues with the Reservation, you will receive an alert and explanation of the issue
  10. After correcting any issues with the Reservation, click Save