Harmony ISD

District Planning

Each district must have a district improvement plan TEC 11.251

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District Website

District Priorities

  1. Academic Achievement

  2. Good Behavior

  3. Self-Worth

  4. Academic & Marketable Skills for Post-Secondary Success

District IRB Required? 

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Number of Schools: 4

School TypeTotal
Elementary School (Pre-K-3rd)1
Intermediate School (4th & 5th)1
Junior HS/Middle School (6th-8th)1
High School1

Additional Facilities and Programs

  • AP

  • Athletics

  • College Credit Courses

  • Counseling

  • CTE

  • English Learner services

  • IB

District Demographics

Students: 1,036

Additional Student Data

MetricsPercent of Total Students
Economically Disadvantaged55%
Emerging Bilingual6.1%
Special Education8.3%
Bilingual/ESL Program6.1%
Gifted and Talented6.6%
At Risk for Dropping Out38.1%

Teachers: 95


Administrative and Professional: 47

Bus Drivers, Custodians, Food Service and Educational Aides: 37