How To Troubleshoot PDF Printing Issue

TD Staff and COFA ITS are aware that there may be an issue printing a PDF to the RICOH machine.  If your PDF print job ends up in the ERROR LOG there are some steps that you can take before submitting a ITS Ticket.



  1. Open a Word Document and verify that RICOH PRESETS have been set, see WIKI for instruction.
  2. From the PDF document, select PRINT.
  3. At the top of the PRINT screen, check the box that states “Print in grayscale (black and white)”
  4. At the bottom of the PRINT screen, select the PRINTER button.
  5. A message box will pop up that states “The Print Setup dialog box…”, check the “Do not show this message again”
  6. The PRINTER option box will open.  Verify that the Printer is set to correct Ricoh machine (Faculty 5503, Staff 4503)
  7. Verify that the PRESETS tab is set to the Ricoh Preset.
  8. From the drop down tab, select the PRINTER FEATURES option and verify that the COLOR MODE is set to Black and White.
  9. Select, PRINT.