Podcast: Coaching with Kerry

Introduction: Coaching with Kerry - 3:35 minutes

As educators we are committed to educational change that allows us to enact our vision for teacher preparation. Identities, Values, and Practices serve as our guide, as we are always in process. Each Coaching with Kerry Podcast is grounded in one of the Teacher Education Cross Cutting Themes and seeks to collect voices and stories across program areas that relate to these themes. While listed separately, the themes are deeply connected, so to work on one is to work on many. We'd love to hear your story! What are you seeing? What change ideas are happening in your practice? What do you feel needs to be shared? 

Episode 1:  Imaginative Change

Imaginative Change. How do university field supervisors consider their coaching and mentoring during the global pandemic, increasing attention to racial injustice, and the startling pivots to online learning? What does it mean to build relationships across Zoom? What about all the moving parts? In this podcast, we have the privilege of hearing from Dr. Melissa Wetzel and UT Language and Literacy doctoral students, Heather Dunham and Claire Collins. Have a listen.

Episode 2:  I am a Learner - Coaching Tools in the time of COVID

“We’re doing revolutionary work,” says Texas State University instructor, Emily Day-Bacom. And I couldn’t agree more. How are teacher educators working to bridge best practices into the virtual learning spaces? What tools are useful? How are coaching partnerships working to harness relationships? In this episode, we hear from current and former University of Texas education students and mentors as they take up the Cross-Cutting Theme: I am a Learner, with lots of hope, grace, and heart. Guests include Emily Day-Bacom, Rachel Atzmon, and Madeleine Basso. Enjoy!

Episode 3:  I Value Shared Responsibility

According to the University of Texas Teacher Education Cross-Cutting Theme of Shared Responsibility: “We value shared responsibility over individual accountability within educational systems. As teachers, we are committed to working collaboratively with our students, teacher colleagues, families, and communities in the pursuit of our collective growth and well-being.” In the midst of the 2020 election and a global pandemic, how does this translate? What does it mean to work IN-community (as a verb) with our colleagues, communities, and students? Listen in as I visit with Dr. Haydee Rodriguez and Lauren Wright of Bilingual/Bicultural and Special Education departments, respectively. Big hopes, big expectations, and big responsibilities hold our stories together here.

Episode 4: I Value Courage & Determination

In the fourth and final podcast episode, Coaching with Kerry explores the cross cutting theme: I Value Courage and Determination with two of UT’s current field supervisors and doctoral students/candidates, Adeli Ynostroza Ochoa and Beth Link. Considering themes of personal and professional identity, building our learning “sideways,” and the importance of slowing down to create space for responsiveness and race-conscious discourse, we consider the value and nuances of what it means to learn to teach. Have a listen.