AppSpace - How to Invite Users - Add to Moody Tech Proctors - Suspend or Delete Accounts

Appspace – Admin Console

Make sure you are in

Admin Console and not Employee View


Go to >Quick Action

Invite Users

Invite Users


Then choose ADD


You will get a notification that an invite has been sent

The User MUST accept the invitation and activate their account 

You will not be able to do any profile Editing to add the user to

a group until the activate their account

Once the account is activated

You can Edit the profile if you need to add proctors back to a group?

Search for the user here: search box upper right corner

Locate the user account and modify these parameteres

Home Location Moody College

Member of Moody Tech Proctors

and the License should be Premium so make sure the 

Premium Check box is checked

Click Save

You can also delete and or suspend users too