CNC Troubleshooting & Support


Machine and Equipment Support (Within the hour response)

Machine and equipment support is provided by the Technology Lab.
This means you're in the middle of operating one of the schools Shopbot CNC machines and are having a issue with calibration, your file or other.

How to get equipment support
Contact the Technology Lab via a phone call to specify which machine you're on and your current issues.
SOA Technology Desk: 512.471.1189

Troubleshooting your file (Same-day/Next-day response)

Watch the video on this page for a guide detailing the process to export your Fusion360 project to a local file. Send that exported .f3d file via email or box to with the subject line in the email set as 'CNC Help'.

How to get file support
Contact the Technology Lab via email and specify the issue you're experiencing, how we might be able to help, and what steps you've taken so far to resolve the issue yourself.
SOA Technology Desk: