CNC Troubleshooting | Router | Nudge / Nudging


Your print is not cutting through to the desired depth; this can be caused by a file issue, tool tip calibration or a worn table surface.

  • Table is surfaced once per semester and should be assumed flat
  • Tool tip calibration parameters may be incorrect
  • File issues can cause unrepeatable damage to the CNC machines and if the issue is suspected due to a file you should stop you cut immediately and fix the problem in Fusion360.

If you experience any of these issues please send an email to to ensure that a staff member is aware of machine or table damage.


Proceed with caution when using the NUDGE command. Any damage to the spoil board should be reported so that it may be addressed prior to the next CNC user.

The goal is to cut 100% through your material and not to go deeper than 1/32 of an inch into the spoil board.

  1. Stop your job
    1. record the line # if you're expecting to resume
  2. Type MN (Move, Nudge) in the command box
  3. Nudge the Z-axis by -0.015 or 1/64 of an inch at a time
    1. each time a nudge command is given it will be relative from the current point. i.e. if you nudge by -0.015 then again by -0.010 you will be -0.025 from your original start point.
  4. Rerun your file with your newly calibrated Z offset position.

Proceed to CNC Troubleshooting | Router | Resuming a stopped job if you recorded the Line # that your job stopped on.