How to Migrate Google Drive data to UTBox

Step-by-step guide

This article is intended for migrating large amounts of data from Google Drive into Box Secure Storage using the Box web interface. If you are looking to move just a few files to Box you may want to download the files and/or folders from Drive and follow the instructions to Upload Files.

If you have a large amount of data to get into Box and need assistance please contact CNS IT Support.

Make an archive of your Google Drive files

  1. Go to the Download your data page on Google Takeout 
  2. Select Drive and click Next at the bottom 
  3. Select the desired archive format (File Type) and Delivery Method
    1. Note that you have the option to send a download link to your email or directly drop the data into your UTBox account.
  4. Click on Create archive
    The Create Archive button under selected archive format options
  5. Download the archive by clicking on the Download button
    The download button in the Archive list
  6. The archive will be downloaded
    A zip file showing the archive has been downloaded
    • Google also sends an email when the archive is ready for download 
      A copy of the Archive confirmation email with Manage and Download buttons available



Extract the files directly to Box

  1. Log into the Box web interface
  2. Find the desired Box folder you'd like to add the files to and drag them from your downloads (or wherever you saved the downloaded files on your computer) into the desired folder or other location within your Box account.