Zoom: Where to Store Recordings


Starting September 30, 2021, any Meeting or Webinar recordings saved to Zoom Cloud storage will be retained in the Zoom Cloud for 365 days, after which the recordings will be deleted from the Zoom Cloud.
Any recordings already on the Zoom Cloud for 365 days or more when the policy takes effect on September 30th will also be deleted. Once the recordings are deleted, you will have 24 hours to retrieve any recordings from your trash can and return the video to your Zoom cloud. Links to any deleted recordings will no longer be valid. Please read below for detailed information and how best to respond to this new policy.

Where can I store my recordings long-term? 

Although you may keep your recordings on the Zoom cloud for immediate viewing and sharing, UT has multiple options available to upload your content for semester-over-semester storage beyond the 365-day retention period.

  • Your Local Hard Drive is an option if you are storing recordings for personal use.  Review our Download page for more information. 
  • Panopto is our recommended video content management system for sharing videos with a robust set of video playback features. Panopto is available to all faculty and staff, and includes a Zoom integration that allows for recordings to be automatically moved to Panopto after recording. Additionally, your previous recordings from Zoom can also be uploaded to Panopto and benefit from Panopto’s rich features such as more advanced editing, auto-captioning, organizational tools, and Canvas integration. The current Panopto agreement includes unlimited storage, but vendor agreements are subject to change so Panopto should not be viewed as a permanent storage solution. Panopto’s current retention policy is 5 years. For help with Panopto please contact panopto@utlists.utexas.edu
  • OneDrive is an online storage solution in Microsoft 365 and allows 2TB personal storage and 25TB for Departments/Teams. Recordings stored and shared via OneDrive can be played back in your browser. A QuickStart guide to uploading and managing files on OneDrive is available here.
  • UT Box is a cloud storage solution offered to students, faculty, and staff. Recordings may be stored and shared via UT Box, but the video playback features are limited by comparison. Currently, UT Box storage is unlimited but the vendor will be setting storage limits in the future. The timing for this change to UT Box is not yet known. For long-term content storage, please consider using alternates until additional ITS guidance is available.

As always, please ensure that Confidential data is stored correctly on cloud collaboration services. This change does not impact students.

Where can I get help?

If you have questions or concerns regarding the new policy, please contact zoom@utexas.edu or visit zoom.its.utexas.edu.