Single DVD Duplicator workflow

This workflow will walk you through how to use the Single DVD duplicator tools to create a duplicate of your DVD.  It is best used to make copies of DVDs with copy protection or PAL DVD's from regions other than region 1 that cannot otherwise be copied.

If your DVD does not have copy protection and is a region 1 disc, use the DVD one to many duplicator workflow.

Turn on both DVD recorders and the monitor above them.

Place the DVD you want to copy into '5 - DVD player' also labeled as Source.

Place a blank DVD-R or -RW into '6 - DVD Recorder' also labeled Record.

Once the Source DVD has loaded, make sure the monitor is turned on, and select input 5 on the switcher.

Use the white remote control labeled '5 - DVD player' to find the point at which you would like to start your recording.

Select input 6 on the switcher.

Make sure that your signal is coming through from the Source disc.


Put the headphones on as well to verify that audio is going through to the DVD Record unit as well.

When you find the scene you want to copy on the Source machine, press the record button on the DVD Recorder.  Press play on the Source DVD player.

Please be aware that your media will record in real time only.


When you’re done recording, press the Stop button on the Source machine and then Stop on the DVD Recorder.

On the monitor, with Input 6 selected, it will say “Writing DVD” on the screen. When completed, a menu screen will appear with a thumbnail of the video that you just recorded. You will now have to finalize the DVD in order to play it back on different DVD players.

Finalizing a Disc:


Press the stop button on the DVD Recorder.


Press ??Setup on the DVD Recorder remote


Select "Disc Edit"


Select "Finalize"


Select "Yes", then press OK on the DVD Recorder remote


Finalizing is completed




When you are finished:

  • eject your disc
  • turn off the Monitor and both DVD units
  • place the remotes back on the velcro strips next to the white DVD recorder