CMB Studio Dimmer Patch Listings

*The purpose of this wiki is to document the dimmer locations for each studio as patched in the CMB 5th (STRAND/VARI-LITE) and CMB 6th (ETC) floor dimmer rooms.  The labeling has mostly been updated, but the below documents reference the new versus legacy labeling system.

*The Strand dimmers use a one-to-one system for their circuitry, where as the ETC systems require the attached documents below to connect the dimmer module to circuit association.

Please use the documents below to translate and cross-reference to patches and locations.  Patched circuits can use dimmer modules to energize conventional studio light fixtures via an approved DMX lighting console.


Floorplan PDF

STUDIO 4A (CMB 4.116)Studio_4A_Patch-Circuit.xlsx

STUDIO 4B (CMB 4.118)Studio_4B_Patch-Circuit.xlsx

STUDIO 4C (CMB 4.122)Studio_4C_Patch-Circuit.xlsx

STUDIO 4D (CMB 4.126)CMB 4.126 Studio 4D Lighting Patch Listing

STUDIO 4E (CMB 4.128)Studio_4E_Patch-Circuit.xlsx

STUDIO 6A (CMB 6.102)Studio_6A_Patch-Circuit.xlsx

STUDIO 6B (CMB 6.112)Studio_6B_Patch-Circuit.xlsx

For information on using these lists and patching circuits in a studio with a lighting board click here