iTunes - Convert a CD to a AIFF

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1. Open ITUNES
2. Go to “Preferences” >ITunes> Preferences>

3. Click on “General” then “Import Settings”

4. Select “Import Using” AIFF Encoder

5. Setting: set to “Custom” button to change your Configuration to 16 bit 48 khz
Click OK to apply settings.

6. Check Use error correction when reading Audio CD’s to improve transcoding.

7. Click on the Advanced tab and uncheck “Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized” and uncheck “Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library
8. Click on the Advanced Tab and set the location of where the converted audio will be saved.
9. Click on Change to change the directory location.

10. Select where to save the file in appropriate folder and select open

11. Click OK to apply the settings

12. Select the track to convert in the “Library” list and then >Go to Advanced>Create AIFF Version
13. File will begin conversion and when finished will be in the folder designated in step 10