DVD Studio Pro - Make a simple DVD

How to make a simple 4:3 DVD from High Def or Standard Def Media

Export a Quicktime movie of your completed video. Select your Sequence, and under the 'File' menu, choose 'Export > Quicktime Movie ...'

Use Current Settings.


Launch DVD Studio Pro.

Go To DVD Studio Pro > Preferences

Go to the Encoding tab and change the Aspect Ratio to 16:9 HD OR 4:3 SD for non wide screen DVDs.

Change the Field Order to Top and Mode should be Two Pass VBR
Bit Rate 6.5 and Max Bit Rate 7.7

Motion Estimation should be set to Best

Make a new project with File > New.

Go to Window > Configuration > Extended to change DVD Studio interface

Import the video you just exported from Final Cut Pro.

Drag the QuickTime audio and video from the ASSETS tab to the Track timeline.

Audio should match video exactly.

Click on the Outline tab (1) next to the Assets tab then click on the UNTITLED_DISC (2)

Then click on the Disc Properties Menu then click on First Play>Menu 1 > Track 1 >Chapter1

Launch the Simulator to check your DVD.  This is exactly how your DVD will look and play in a DVD player.

Choose Build and format.

Name the DVD Disc the name of your project.


Click “Choose” to chose the “Current Source” for the DVD.  This is where the DVD VIDEO_TS AND AUDIO_TS folders will be stored and click “Choose”.

Then click “Burn” to start the DVD burning process

Put a blank DVD into the burner to burn the DVD material

All future DVDs after the original will only require you to 'Format' the disk.

Be sure to check your DVD on a DVD player after it is finished.