Install Hopper Lab Printer on a Mac

There are some students who would like to print to the printer in the Hopper lab using their personal computers. The CMS department has granted permission for their students to have this access.

Connect to The University of Texas at Austin restricted WiFi 
Click on the Apple menu, go to System Preferences, and open Print & Fax

Select the plus sign to add the new printer

Select the IP tab on the top.

Type in the IP address of the printer in the "Address" field. The IP address is

In the "Name" field type CMA5158-Laser or "Hopper Lab".

The "Use" field specifies what printer driver will be installed. This should automatically select "LaserJet 4250"

Click "Add" at the bottom of this window.

When presented with what options to choose for the printer, select "500-Sheet Input Tray" under Optional Tray 3

Click "OK" at the bottom of the window

Once the printer has been successfully installed it will show as "Idle" in Print & Scan