Blackmagic – Teranex – Room CMA 4.138 - How to Capture 29.97 VHS, Hi8 or Umatic tape and Upconvert to 1080 23.98 Frame Rate Conversion and Upconvert Standards Conversion

Turn on The deck you want to use in the dub rack

Go to the video patch panel.

Patch the deck you want to use into the Teranex 

In our example we are capturing from VHS002 so we have the VHS deck patched into the Teranex Composite Y In

If you wanted to capture from Hi-8 or 3/4 inch just move the patch from the VHS to the Hi-8 or 3/4 Out.

Patch to the Teranex Composite Y In

Audio Input

Set the Master slider to about 0

Find the 3/4, VHS or Hi8 on the Audio mixer

Raise the level up on the slider to abou 1/4 to 1/2 way up (-10 to 0 range)

Put the tape in the deck

Turn on the Teranex - It'll take a bit to turn on,

Go to >Apple>System Settings >


Scroll all the way down and

Choose Blackmagic Design Desktop Video

Click on Teranex settings icon shown here

Video Input - Change Input to Composite Video 

Audio Input - RCA Audio

Open Blackmagic Media Express

Go to >Media Express>

Set the Video Format to
HD 1080p 23.98

Capture File Format will be ProRes 422

Set the destination for the captured files to your HD

Close that menu

Put the tape in the deck and hit Play

Click on the Log and Capture Tab in Media Express

Wait about 5 or so seconds

You should see image and audio levels

Then click on the "Capture" Button to start capturing.

Capture Button will turn RED

Capture Button will turn RED

Click Capture to stop capturing

Turn off the Teranex when finished