AVID - Stereoscopic Sequence to Davinci Resolve

Picture locked sequence that is ready to reconnect to the native Left and Right Media
To export to resolve

Go to format and deactivate 3d to off


Go to the original AMA linked clips and make sure that all the left eye and the right eye are in the
same bin but clearly organized by left
and right eye

Select all the "Left" AMA linked clips and right click the sequence and choose Relink

Choose selected items in all open bins

Name the new sequence with Left

Select all the AMA Right Eye clips and right click the "Left" reconneced new sequence and choose relink

Choose to relink to selected items in open bins by S3D group name that you can select by choosing "More">S3D Group Name

Also make sure you have "Create New Sequence" selected

Rename this new sequence "Right"

Make sure that you are matching back to the AMA linked files on the new Left and Right Timeline

Export .AAf from each Left and Right Timeline

First choose the Left Eye sequence

Choose >File Export

Choose Options

Choose the following export settings

Make a folder for the consolidated files for the left and right eye exports

Save the Left .aaf and media in the Left folder

Here is an example of how the files should have been saved after export to .aaf

To Bring into Resolve
Must use a Resolve Pro station and open Resolve Pro. Do not use the Light version it will not work.

NOTE before opening Resolve - Make a folder on the destination hard drive to store the user database

Click "Choose"

To Bring into Resolve – Launch Resolve Application

For a new user you will have to set up your account

Click on the volumes Icon in the lower right corner of log in screen

Click the "+" icon in the lower right to add a new user

Choose "Disk" as the Driver

Click on "Host" to select a directory to store your settings.

NOTE before opening Resolve - Make a folder on the destination hard drive to store the user database

Click "Choose"

Label your User Database

Choose to create new database

Database creation successful. Next Double Click on the new database you just made. Example here in "Yellow Font" double click on that to load it.

Close the window

Next create a "New USER"

Enter in Username

Click Setup new user

Log in

Click the "+" button in the lower left corner to create a new project

Title the project – click Create

Double click the project to load it

Then save the project

Set up some preferences. Click on the Preferences Icon in the lower left of the screen

Go to "Autosave" and turn it on saving every 10 min

Also can choose some decoding presets – If you are using footage from a Red – Arri – Sony etc choose the correct decoder.

Monitor playback settings chosen here. Choose HD 1080PsF 23.976 generally

Master Project Settings generally will want 1920 x 1080 but if you have 2K footage and want to scale up then choose 2048 x 1080 or 2048 x 1024

4K Red files are 4480 x 1920 but check the raw .r3d file

Choose either the DaVinci YRGB or the DaVinci ACES color science. For Red Footage you may see more detail in ACES.

Change the playback framerate to 23.976

Click "Apply" to apply the settings

Close the Preferences window

In resolve make 3 bins in your media pool




Clicking the "+" button you add BIN folders

Go to "Edit" tab and choose to Import AAF

Choose import

Choose the Left First

Default settings are good

Click on Media tab and drag the Left Media to the Left Bin

Go back to the Edit Tab

File>Import AAF

Navigate to the Right eye .aff

Default settings are fine

Click on Media tab and drag the Right eye Media to the Right Bin

Click on Master folder and choose>
Stereo 3D mode>Both Eyes

Choose Stereo 3D Sync

Chose the Browse button and navigate to the left and right eye folders

Choose Right for the Right Eye Folder

Output folder will be Stereo

This is how it should look. Then choose Sync

The done dialog will appear

Stereo folder will only have media Left and Right will be empty

Go back to Edit tab

Media offline is normal

Click on the Left timeline and chose to reconform from bins

Choose only the Stereo folder and click OK

Timeline reconnects

Click on Color tab this is the time to do all the color correction work

Click on 3D tab

There is a convergence tool

Go to the deliver tab for export

Render Settings>
Choose Single Clip>Quicktime>AppleProRes 422 HQ 1920 x 1080 or whatever aspect ratio you are wanting to export.

Choose audio off

To Sync with Mix - AMA link or fast import into AVID 1920x1080 23.98 project and make a new stereoscopic clip. Import the audio mix into same project and check sync. Export that for screenings or DCP.